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Presenting my lightroom presets has been a general demand of my followers on instagram and youtube.

Currently I am reaching 5M in instagram and globally social Networks at 26M.
Jordi.Koalitic is a creative photography project born from the creative mind of the brothers Jordi puig and Arnau Puig.
two content creators who have created their own style and way of understanding photography reaching millions of people around the world.
Over a period of more than 5 years, and before his online media upbrining.
Jordi worked as a Freelancer before creating his own audiovisual production company (Koalitic Visuals) with his brother Arnau.
Therefore after the creation of their first Instagram account, the Puig brothers set up the foundations of their photography always considering online trends.


During the first years, Jordi’s main objective was to dominate technique such as light, composition, colors etc. which are key points to achieve the most impressive images.
Over time, the need to consider the concept behind the image and to tell a story became increasingly present.
After several years traveling around the world and searching for the most epic landscape, they began to look for the way to create the same quality content without having to move from their everyday environment, thinking about how to take a more effective photography that was closer to home.


It was from his weakness that his current photography style was born; the simplicity and everyday life, the lack of resources and logistics, the lack of knowledge in post-production (Photoshop).
Instead of looking for the photo, he started creating photos with a style which were very marked by visual impact (internal dynamism, composition, depth).
He started using everyday objects such as a bottle of water, a shoebox, a piece of glass or a book page to create images and stories.
Through these inanimate objects, he managed to create impossible angles, nonexistent depths. All in all, he was able to create photos from scratch.

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